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Track-mountable circuit breaker

16 October 2014

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced what is said to be the first track-mountable electronic circuit breaker with physical isolation offering worldwide approvals. The E-T-A ESS31-T mechatronic circuit breaker provides overcurrent protection against overloads and short circuits for whenever the current in a 24V DC control circuit might exceed the current carrying capacity of the conductor or the rated value of a component.

The E-T-A ESS31-T is a fully featured circuit breaker for equipment protection with an electronic-hybrid trip characteristic, which is approved as a UL 1077 supplementary protector and also to EN/IEC 60934, for fixed current ratings from 0.5A to 12A.

It ensures globally certified protection of equipment in control cabinets and field components, and protects 24V DC control circuits in cabinets designed in accordance with UL508A.

Featuring a single trip curve for all types of loads, the ESS31-T enables protection of a wide range of 24V DC switch-mode powered automation and safety equipment. In the event of a failure, the ESS31-T will shutdown electronically a single faulty output, while allowing all other load circuits connected to the same power supply to continue working as normal.  It ensures a controlled stoppage of the machinery and allows efficient troubleshooting: after the problem is solved, the load output can be simply re-activated by a press of the ON/OFF button.

In applications with long load lines or small cross section cables, the ESS31-T typically disconnects an overcurrent of 1.2 times the rated breaker current within 500ms, with final physical isolation after 5 seconds. In the event of a low resistance short circuit in a load path, disconnection will occur after 100ms.

High short currents or capacitive in-rush currents of electronic modules are limited by the integral current limitation of the circuit breaker, preventing wear of the mechanical contacts or switchgear. This minimises the need to regularly replace mechanical components and reduces machine downtime, while saving on maintenance and service costs.

The E-T-A ESS31-T is just 12.5mm wide and features status indication, visually by a multicoloured LED and the ON/OF switch position, as well as by integral signal outputs.