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Intelligent power distribution

21 April 2015

Designer and manufacturer of a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, E-T-A Circuit Breakers, has introduced a new family of intelligent power distribution systems called ControlPlex.

An integral communication interface provides intelligent networking, control and remote serviceability via Ethernet or field bus systems, offering major benefits to the end-user in terms of control as well as reduced installation costs.

The new technology includes the E-T-A ControlPlex Board, an intelligent 24V DC power distribution system which is suited to factory automation systems where availability of the production process is vital.

Also available now is the ControlPlex Rack which has been explicitly designed for the telecommunications industry where maximised system availability is also essential.

The ControlPlex Board can, for example, provide selective overcurrent protection with integral current limitation and complete power distribution of load circuits, while offering failure indication and remote actuation / resetting of load circuits via a single Ethernet or field bus cable. This cable can provide diagnostics and remote serviceability of the entire control and field level, as well as energy management.

The ControlPlex Rack offers intelligent power distribution for the -48V to -60V DC voltage range for electrical power supply, for data centres and for telecommunications. While offering reduced downtimes and maintenance time, it can lead to a significant reduction in power consumption.