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Enables active safety

15 October 2015

With its fieldbus module MVK Metal Safety, Murrelektronik offers solutions for active safety technology, achieving Safety Integrated Level 3 (acc. to IEC 61508 and IEC 62061) and Performance Level e (acc. to EN ISO 13849-1). MVK Metal Safety is available in 2 convenient versions – as an input module and also as a mixed module with inputs and outputs.

MVK Metal Safety is the component necessary to create fieldbus solutions that meet the requirements for active safety technology. Safety sensors, guard door applications, emergency stop buttons, light curtains and more are connected to the inputs and integrated into the safety system. On the safe outputs, actuators (up to 2A), like valves or low power motors, are connected that have to be safely deactivated, if necessary.

To ensure safe data transfer, MVK Metal Safety uses the transfer protocols PROFINET/PROFIsafe or PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe. These are safety-related extensions of the proven PROFINET and PROFIBUS protocols that are standard in industrial applications.

By linking these protocols with the existing ones, the current communication technologies can be used. With PROFIsafe, fail safe data and standard data are transferred with the same bus cable. This avoids incalculable, additional efforts for engineering and installation. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate standard modules into the individual lines of safe fieldbus solutions which saves wiring costs. And it is also possible to upgrade the fieldbus solution to a safe system without making any substantial changes.

MVK Metal Safety consists of a solid metal housing with surface finishing. This makes it suitable for soldering applications. Because of its excellent vibration resistance (vibration 15g and shock 60g), MVK Metal Safety is suitable for applications in rugged and extreme environments, for example in forming and sheet metal working. The modules are fully potted, therefore they are resistant to cooling lubricants that are often used in cutting production - metal lathing, milling and drilling. MVK Metal Safety meets IP67 protection requirements.

The modules are very compact and feature an integrated fieldbus connection. Therefore, no additional bus node has to be installed. Another benefit is that both fieldbus cable and supply voltage can be daisy chained from one module to the next. Each M12 input port features two inputs. They can also be used for two single channels or one two-channel safety circuit. In two-channel applications, the channels can be configured as equivalent or antivalent. It is also possible to adjust the discrepancy time. This is important, if two sensors with different reaction times have to be precisely synchronised.