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Modularised current monitoring

09 January 2017

Mico Pro is the new and innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik. The modular system enables users to adapt systems precisely to suit specific applications – offering a favourable cost-benefit ratio while also being economical in use of space. The patented tripping process assures optimum machine availability.

An additional benefit is that it provides an integrated concept for potential distribution that significantly declutters the switch cabinet wiring.

Power supply systems are the heart of machines and systems and must feature maximum reliability. Mico Pro is the guarantor of such reliability. This intelligent current monitoring system from Murrelektronik monitors all load and control currents in a consistent manner and identifies critical moments at the right time. Mico Pro signals limit loads and switches defective channels off in a targeted manner. The tripping process has been patented, and applies the principle of “as late as is safe, but as safe as possible.” Mico Pro also identifies volatile errors.

Mico Pro is a modular system for 12 and 24V DC operating voltages. The components can be selected for the particular application from numerous Mico Pro modules and connected without tools via a power module to form a closed system. You can select between modules with one, two, or four output channels. Their narrow width of 8, 12, or 24 millimeters enables significant savings in space.

On the Fix modules, the tripping currents (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 16 A) are fixed. On the Flex modules, the tripping current can be adjusted from 1 to 10 A or from 11 to 20 A. This increases flexibility and reduces the number of versions required. It is, however, possible to replace individual modules of the integrated network at any time.
Mico Pro has an integrated potential distribution concept for +24 (or +12) and 0V that significantly simplifies switch cabinet wiring. There are connection options for +24V and 0V on each channel. Additional potential distributors enable connection of up to 2 x 12 potentials to each Mico channel.

The innovate bridging system consisting of two bars and lateral spring contacts for connecting diagnostic and control signals is easy to handle. It is designed for a total current of up to 40A. All inputs and outputs of the system are provided with push-in spring clamp terminals. The front side of the Mico Pro is at no time hidden by cables or lines; the operator has a clear view of all designations and the status of the LEDs.

Great importance is attached to the diagnostic functions of Mico Pro. Each channel is equipped with an LED for status indication on the device and digital status signals can be transferred to the PLC. The Mico Pro power module provides group diagnostics for the entire system and the adjustable Flex modules offer chan-nel-specific diagnostic signals.

The LEDs of the individual channels indicate the states (green and red). Once the tripping current has reached 90 percent, the LED flashes green and a digital status signal is triggered. If the tripping current is exceeded, Mico Pro immediately switches the affected channel off in a targeted manner. The LED flashes red and in this case, a status signal is sent. The channel can be reactivated via a PLC signal or pressing a button. For maintenance purposes, channels may also be switched off manually.

A channel-precise switching function via an SPS signal allows the Flex modules to switch system components on and off without any additional contactors, relays, or optocouplers. Not only short switching frequencies (of up to 10 Hz) but also longer frequencies can be realized.
Mico Pro can be cascaded. This means: on a Mico channel, another Mico Pro station can be connected. The savings in money and installation work are considerable, especially in the case of applications with a decentralized switch cabinet concept.