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CD Automation introduces low-cost soft starters to UK market

16 February 2016

Leading supplier of power control devices CD Automation is launching a family of low-cost soft starters for small AC induction motors to the UK market.

The new range offers three models, STB, STO & STE, all with varying features and user benefits. Soft starters are solid-state devices that protect AC electric motors from damage caused by sudden influxes of power by limiting the large initial inrush current associated with motor start-up. They provide a gentle ramp up to full speed and are used only at start-up (or stop). Applications that need constant variable speed control require a variable speed controller or drive (VFD). Starting from a set initial voltage soft starters ramp up to the nominal voltage in a set time.

A standard feature of all models is the ability to start a high friction load with a 100-300 msec kickstart that provides the motor with 80% of full voltage without current limit. Once started the motor reaches full speed and remains there until either manually stopped, slowed down by inertia or ramped down by a set value. Dynamic braking is available as an optional extra on the new STB, STO and STE soft starters. Thermal protection of the electronic motor has been implemented on STO and STE soft starter families, further reducing any mechanical stress on the motor or shaft and ensuring low energy consumption is maintained. Typical applications for the new range include:

  • Where speed and torque control are required during startup only (or stop if equipped with soft stop)
  • Reducing large startup inrush currents associated with large motors
  • Mechanical systems that require a gentle start to relieve torque spikes and tension associated with motor start up. Examples include conveyors, belt-driven systems, gears, etc.
  • Where pumps are used to eliminate pressure surges resulting from rapid fluid changes in pipe systems

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