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Electrical safety assured

22 March 2016

When it comes to electrical switchgear, to prevent personal injury or property damage as a result of issues such as fault currents (short circuits), 
a number of industry standards and regulations have 
to be followed. These also cover the potential equalisation between
 all the metallic parts of an enclosure.

To help limit this risk, Rittal has developed an effective solution with the TS 8 bayed enclosure system. During the assembly phase, the side panels, enclosure roof, rear panel and gland plates are automatically connected to the frame conductively. This means potential equalisation can be achieved without necessarily having to connect these parts with earthing straps (although the final decision as to whether to leave earthing strips out completely is up to the user).

The solution is implemented using special claws or washers which press through the electrically non-conductive surface coating of the panels during assembly, to achieve a reliable contact. It means that all the flat panels are electrically connected to the frame, so that – in many applications - earthing straps are no longer needed. Instead, the earthing strap only needs to be attached to the enclosure door.