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Motion technology specialists

01 August 2016

Basingstoke-based LG Motion designs, develops and manufactures motion control technology components and systems to meet the exacting requirements of research and academic institutions and the wider industry.

Describing the product range is more difficult as more often than not the solution required is an amalgam of motion control components. In simple terms however LG Motion design and develop systems that make things go in and out, up and down and round and round!

LG Motion rotary and linear stages can be combined with servo and stepper drives and motion control components and systems supplied by a number of key global partners.

To complement LG Motions own product range the company has long standing partnerships with key global partners such as Arcus Technology, Airex, Precision Motion Dynamics, Velmex, Heidenhain, Schneeberger and Empire Magnetics.

Many clients will already know what components they want and standard “off the shelf” products are readily available to suit many motion control applications which are often then used by the customer to integrate into their own system.

In other cases the requirement of an end product is known and LG Motion and the client will work together to design and develop the optimum package to deliver the solution.