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LED enclosure lights

12 September 2016

Rittal is launching a new generation of lights designed specifically for enclosures. The range is said to set new standards for energy and high performance using LED technology which will deliver up to 1200 lumens, and for easy installation, there are simple connection and mounting options. 

Two models are being launched with luminous fluxes of 900 and 1200 lumens.They use LEDs which provide outstanding energy efficiency and have a much longer lifetime than other light sources. Integrated Fresnel lenses focus the light in such a way that the entire enclosure is illuminated, even down at the bottom. It means the light can be targeted towards areas where it is needed – without being scattered into the exterior.

If required, the system can also daisy-chain up to 15 lights from a single power source.

There are a range of options for turning the lights on and off - by an integrated switch, a door switch or a motion detector. Each light is also equipped with a socket.
The connections have been designed to simplify assembly work and allow rapid installation. For example, the lights can be attached using pre-assembled cables with connectors. The lamp connection can also be swivelled through 90 degrees, allowing a cable to be easily fitted even in enclosures which are just 600mm wide.

Lighting is an area that is often neglected in the design of enclosures and yet it plays a vital role in helping with installation and maintenance. The ability to easily identify different wire colours, for example, is clearly vital for both.

“Working within an enclosure is far simpler if the space is illuminated with our state-of-the-art lighting technology,” says Paul Metcalfe, Rittal’s product manager for enclosures.

“High-performance lighting also helps to avoid errors during installation, maintenance or repair work, and avoid expensive delays. Added to which, the simple mounting of the lights saves valuable workshop time.”

The new enclosure lights fit perfectly into the Rittal TS 8 baying enclosure system and can be installed without any loss of space. They can be mounted by just one individual without the need for any additional help and each model has three mounting options: a magnetic retainer, a clip fastener in the TS 8 section or by screw fastening.

The lights can be used across the world thanks to their wide-range voltage input, which will be of considerable benefit to controllers, switchgear manufacturers and mechanical engineers who work across international markets.