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Synchronous drum motor

01 January 2017

A leading salmon processing company is fully exploiting the capabilities of the new Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor in its latest smoked salmon slicing production line.

The line incorporates A.B. Process slicing machines that feature a PU belt conveyors driven by synchronous drum motors to provide perfect sequential transport and makes sure the slices stay on the carrier boards.

The new space-saving 80mm diameter Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor is reported to be the most powerful, energy-efficient generation of drum motors ever developed, enabling one drive system to suit all needs. It’s easy-to-install in belt conveyors for food and packaging processes and other industrial applications.

It offers excellent start-stop performance, optimum torque at all speeds, a maximum acceleration/ braking performance and low operating drum temperature of approx 45°C. When used with Interroll's new Frequency Inverter IFI-IP55 and vector control, the performance of conveyor belt systems can be substantially enhanced. Interroll can offer the drive system to suit all applications and belt types.

Engineer, Antoine Aveline, reported: "Our new production line has significantly increased productivity within the constraints of the space given and fully supports washdown procedures. The Interroll Synchronous Drum Motors provides excellent drive and control and is ideally suited for this application - perfectly managing the stop-start operation, enables precise positioning – and is most reliable and and silent in operation."