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Interroll raises profile

27 August 2014

New from Interroll, Multiprofile is a profile for its asynchronous drum motors and synchronous drum motors, which can be used to drive various conveyor belts from different manufacturers using only one Interroll Premium Hygienic PU Profile.

Incorporating frequency converters, these drums and Multiprofile provide positive and controlled drive of various belt types.

This results in higher flexibility and increased efficiencies as customers can replace belts without having to replace the drum motor. It can reduce the time needed to retrofit and perform maintenance work on the conveyors quite significantly, whilst also contributing to lower storage costs.

The Interroll Multiprofile is manufactured using the "Interroll Premium Hygienic PU”, which is also a new development. This extremely hygiene friendly material complements the Interroll product line that meets EHEDG guidelines. This new material for rubber coating drum motors is particularly well suited for positively driven belts and is known for its extremely smooth surface that prevents bacteria from forming on the material.

Besides the low operational noise level and its high resistance to oil, grease and chemicals, the Interroll Premium Hygienic PU also stands out due to its much lower friction.