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User-programmable 2D vision

08 February 2017

Sick has added to its Inspector 2D vision family with the InspectorP, its first fully user-programmable range of 2D cameras with the performance and flexibility needed for critical vision duties in verification, inspection and quality control.

With the Inspector P63x/64x/65x family of 2D vision cameras, SICK has achieved versatile, high-resolution image processing capability with on-board programming to meet a wide variety of applications such as robot picking and part positioning, quality inspection, error proofing, sorting and precision measurement.

The Inspector P’s high-performance optics and illumination, together with a resolution range of between 1 – 4 megapixels, deliver a choice of options for even complex, long-range or high-speed vision tasks.   Users have the freedom and flexibility to develop their application software on the InspectorP using the SICK AppSpace programming platform and a flexible user interface.  On-board image processing and object evaluation is provided via the pre-installed HALCON image library.

Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK product manager for Imaging, Measurement, Ranging & Systems said: “With the new InspectorP, whether you are an OEM user or a system integrator you have all the application-programmability you need and you can develop your application software to suit.

“The three programmable Inspector models are similar in size to standard embedded configurable smart cameras and offer the same advanced performance at a cost competitive with PC-based vision 2D cameras.”

The SICK Inspector P63x, 64x and 65x models offer a choice of evaluation speeds and camera resolutions, with convenient functions such as aiming lasers, optical and acoustic feedback, and a micro-SD card to retain configuration and operation parameters.  All housings are IP65/67 protected against factory conditions for a long, reliable life.  Flexible mounting, cabling, connection and other accessory options enable simple installation in any location.

The advanced communications capability of the Inspector P63x/64x/65x series, based on the common SICK 4DPro platform, ensures connectivity with most factory protocols and the devices are visible over the control network to facilitate diagnostics and management overviews.

The compact Inspector P63x offers resolutions from 1 to 2 megapixels and features versatile wide- to long-range optics with C- and S-mount lenses. Illumination in a range of colours allows simple integration with virtually any process set-up and any distance.

Designed for arduous working conditions at high speed and long range, the Inspector P64 is the cost-effective workhorse of the range. It features a resolution of 1.7 megapixels, with C-mount flexibility in optics and high-power integrated lighting.

The multi-function top-performing Inspector P65x offers resolutions of between 2.1 and 4.2 megapixels. The Flex variants use C-mount lenses and integrated lighting options, while the Dynamic Focus variants feature automatic focus position adjustment, allowing rapid analysis of objects at varying distances.