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M-Series flow meters are back

06 February 2017

After Forty years of manufacturing in Sydney, Australia by Macnaught Pty, a decision to stop production of M-Series mechanical display flow meters in favour of digital models was taken last year. This has now been reversed for 2017 following a review of global distributor feedback and resurgence in customer demand.

Oval gear meters can accurately measure a broad range of low to high viscosity fluids without the need for flow conditioning. Incorporating this oval rotor principle into its design has enabled M-Series positive displacement flow meters from Macnaught to offer reliability, accuracy and repeatability.

With a rugged design that minimises the number of wearable and replaceable parts and extends product life, easily fitted and operated mechanical registers, and flexible installation options, meters can be mounted horizontally or vertically without flow conditioning and exert minimal pressure drop allowing for economical pump selection or gravity flow applications.

With moving parts inside the meter body limited to a pair of oval gear rotors, maintenance is minimal. Unlike more complicated technologies M-SERIES can be quickly and easily disassembled, serviced and reassembled whilst still in the line without the need for special tools or training.

The M-Series model range covers sizes from ½” to 4” with flow rates from 2 to 1200 LPM and an accuracy reading of +/-0.5%. Offering a choice of construction materials ensures effective use in industrial applications with a wide range of fluid viscosities.