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ABB to supply multiple drives for renewable energy end user

26 October 2022

WORK HAS commenced on a turnkey drive and automation solution, delivered by ABB Value Provider iconsys, comprising around 30 variable speed drives and other assets for use in an offshore renewable application.

iconsys is set to provide a suite of drivetrains, PLCs, subsea I/O boxes, subsea motors and gearboxes, as part of a turnkey automation solution for a global end user in the renewable energy sector.

The project includes the installation of six ABB ACS880 drives with a total power capacity of 1.2 MW, as a water-cooled drive system using an active front end to ensure low harmonic distortion on a vessel’s power supply.  The six main drives are on a common DC link drive configuration. In addition, there are more than 20 additional ACS880 air-cooled drives to control rack and pinion drivetrains.

iconsys will also supply e-houses for both the drivetrains and operator control room, providing the customer with a full turnkey solution. The ABB drive solution was chosen primarily on the strength of its energy performance, offering maximum efficiency in the smallest footprint, while providing the lowest exhausted heat air. This allows the e-houses’ in-built air conditioning system to operate more effectively. The project, which will be carried out by iconsys, is expected to be completed in 2023.