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Automated inflation system technology

24 April 2020

Thorite, the UK’s largest supplier of compressed air products and fluid power systems, has supplied several Real-Time Inflation (RTI) systems to Icarus Training Systems, which provides high-quality aviation training products for cabin crew training.

The Real-Time Inflation units from Thorite have been installed in nine Evacuation Training Slides and Slide-Rafts. Each automated RTI system is fully integrated within a training simulator control system which initiates auto-inflation and deflation sequences on the slide, either manually or automatically, through a Human Machine Interface (HMI) feature on the master control panel. The RTI technology allows the training slide to deploy at the same rate as the original equipment installed in the airliner.

Using Thorite’s air amplifier design, slides are inflated using a high-pressure, high-volume air supply to give trainees the experience of true slide deployment.  Furthermore, each slide has a dual pressure monitoring system fitted to ensure that the slide is neither over nor under-inflated during use, giving full safety and confidence to the trainee staff.

Icarus Training Systems has now delivered the nine Evacuation Training Slides & Slide-Rafts to their Middle East based customer. Stuart Haycock, managing director at Icarus Training Systems said: “This project was reduced in complexity once Thorite got involved.”

“Their team worked seamlessly with us to produce an impressive solution to meet the customer's needs. We plan to roll-out this solution to other customers needing a safe rapid inflation system in their training centres.”