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Cable entry system

11 March 2019

The KDS-FB cable entry system available from OEM-Automatic is designed to be used with flat cables commonly used in the forklift, crane and elevator industries.

The compact system provides a highly versatile and time saving solution for managing flat cables which can be tricky to handle. The 'fish skin' on the seals mechanically surrounds the inserted flat cable and ensures optimum tolerance compensation and IP66 protection.

There is a wide selection of frames that can also take a number of round cables of up to 16mm² using the standard KDS inserts. Blank sealing inserts make it easy to pre-configure the frames, so that future additional cables can be added quickly and without the need to drill any more holes. The sealing elements for different cable diameters all have uniform sizes.

Thanks to the easy, tool-less mounting of the sealing elements, the cabling can be quickly changed at any time without removing the frame. The compact size of the frames, starting at only 73mm x 39mm, makes the KS-FB an ideal cable entry solution where space is at a premium.