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Compact slewing ring bearing

03 August 2022

MEETING Growing demand for miniaturisation, igus has further developed its PRT-04 slewing ring bearing series for tight space applications while keeping high load bearing properties.

A common goal for engineering companies is to save installation space and weight without sacrificing reliable performance, while keeping parts lubrication-free. igus now makes this possible with the PRT-04 Micro. The motion plastics specialist completes adds to this product range with a particularly small but very strong slewing ring bearing – igus’s smallest PRT bearing yet, with an outer diameter of just 60mm.

The bearing consists of three aluminium rings and a new sliding element made of the high-performance plastic, iglidur J. It runs particularly well on aluminium and maintains good wear values and therefore long service life. This material also has low moisture absorption and good chemical resistance.

Depending on different customer requirements, other materials can also be used and like all igus bearings, the PRT-04 Micro is 100% lubrication-free and therefore insensitive to dirt, dust and moisture.

“The use of aluminium and plastic offers two decisive advantages: lightweight but at the same time stable construction,” says Dean Aylott, product manager for PRT slewing rings at igus. “Despite its small size, the PRT-04 Micro can keep up with comparable products on the market and can accommodate high load ratings of up to 3500N in the axial direction, but is much smaller than some competitors.”

Smooth-running rotation and swivel movements are thus made possible in even smaller installation spaces, and this versatility, along with low weight, creates a wide range of possible applications.

For example – so-called moving heads applications – swivel tables in trains and airplanes, and applications in automotive engineering where low weight also pays off in terms of fuel consumption. Less weight and less fuel consumption means higher sustainability, and eliminating lubricants also offers added value, because maintaining systems costs time and money. Thanks to the solid lubricants contained in the iglidur material, the bearing is free of grease and oils, is also maintenance-free, and particularly durable.

The PRT-04 Micro is a ready-to-install part that can be integrated directly into an application, eliminating costs in the self-construction of the bearing points.

Since 2019, igus has offered PRT-04 slewing ring bearing users a comprehensive and constantly growing modular system of bearings and parts that has been specially developed for movements in confined spaces. The online PRT expert helps customers select the right bearing. By entering a few parameters about installation space, load, speed and environment, the configurator finds the right slewing ring bearing for the customer’s application and calculates the expected service life in the same step.

This configurator is put through its paces in the company’s 3800m2 test laboratory. The test data collected flows into the PRT configurator and gives an accurate service life of the slewing ring bearings for that application.