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Gearboxes drive 500t transporter

06 July 2020

Mining Machinery Developments (MMD) approached Dana SAC UK to supply critical parts for their Atlas Transporter, the latest technology from MMD which enables heavy semi-mobile structures to be relocated in a safe and controlled manner.

Transporters using Brevini Motion Systems components have now been delivered to the Mae Moh mine in Lampang, Thailand – a crucial asset which feeds the neighbouring Mae Moh Power Station.

MMD semi-mobile sizing stations are fed by a small fleet of trucks which transport material short distances from the mine face to the sizer unit which, in turn, reduces material in preparation for efficient conveyor haulage out of the mine. As the mine face progresses, the sizer units are relocated occasionally to minimise the truck haulage distance. For this project in Thailand, which now totals eight sizer stations and two Atlas Transporters, the Transporters are key to the relocation of the sizers and thus to the efficient and safe development of the mine.

Each Atlas Transporter incorporates Dana Brevini Motion Systems’ gearbox technology. The track drives are driven by two right angled planetary gearboxes from the Brevini Motions Systems S Series and are installed complete with Hydac airblast cooler. The planetary option specified for MMD offers substantial space and weight advantages and the S Series is Dana’s suite of gearbox solutions for applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, designed with fixed industrial equipment and self-propelled machines in mind. These were key factors in the selection of Dana products, as the Transporter’s design is optimised to fit within compact dimensions and low height, to provide the ideal foundation for lifting large, heavy structures.