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Engineering collaboration start-up

27 May 2022

A YOUNG entrepreneur is launching his own start-up business to help organisations find solutions to industry challenges and develop engineering capability. Clyne Albertelli, 25, is setting up Co-Lab Engineering with the aim of bringing large organisations and SMEs from multiple sectors together to solve engineering challenges rapidly through a collaborative approach.

As well as developing solutions to help make industry safer, more efficient and more cost-effective, those taking part in Co-Lab Engineering initiatives will gain vital skills and knowledge to help them and their businesses develop.

Clyne, who lives in Lowca, Cumbria, said: “The key is collaboration. In my experience of delivering solutions within a regulated industry, bringing people together and encouraging diversity of thinking is the most effective way of generating ideas and providing solutions.

“Co-Lab Engineering’s mission is to empower people and organisations to achieve more through collaboration. We’ll do this by delivering projects that will develop the technical problem-solving approach of the individuals, whilst coaching and developing the soft skills required to become well rounded.

“By solving problems in this way, you achieve the best value for the problem owner, and you can do so at pace.

“My experience is in Engineering programme management. I pride myself on my ability to create an environment that inspires teamwork and rapid delivery.”

Clyne said: “Like any young person, stepping away from a job you enjoy and setting up your own business is a risk, but I passionately believe in what industry can achieve through working together; that’s why I’m willing to take that step.

“I think now, more than ever; it’s essential that businesses drive efficiency. With the pressures of the current economic landscape, businesses who fail to innovate and adapt quickly, struggle to keep up in an increasingly fast-paced world.

“Given the recent announcement from the government about a potential eight nuclear new builds, and countless initiatives under the energy strategy to reduce dependency on oil and gas, we need to create a mass of experience in a short space of time.

“I firmly believe that the UK’s engineering sector needs to step up to these challenges and deliver a positive societal impact. It’s the perfect time to set up a business geared towards helping achieve those ambitions.”

Clyne started his career as an electrical and instrumentation apprentice for Babcock, moved to Cavendish Nuclear as an instrument mechanic, and joined Sellafield as a system engineer. He then joined the Engineering Portfolio management team and more recently worked as Solutions manager.

Clyne said: “My career has allowed me to develop skills such as programme and project management, a structured approach to problem-solving, and commercial and financial understanding of managing budgets and looking after contracts. I’ve also developed the skills required to create high-performing teams and brought together experts from large organisations, government entities, and SMEs to solve problems.

“I am looking forward to further developing those skills by working with organisations and individuals as I develop my own business.

“What has been encouraging to me is the level of support and advice I have received from various organisations and individuals who want to see young entrepreneurs like me succeed. It’s refreshing. I can’t thank them enough. I am looking forward to making my dream of running my business a reality and making a positive difference.”