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Lightweight collaborative robot

23 July 2020

FANUC’s new lightweight collaborative robot, the CRX-10iA, is now available to UK customers. The 39kg cobot was launched at IREX last year, and is a compact collaborative robotic solution which can aid manufacturers looking to increase productivity while adhering to current social distancing guidelines.

Given the close contact between operator and machine, the CRX-10iA has been designed with safety front of mind. Movement automatically stops upon light contact with humans, and if an object is struck hard, the cobot instantly backs away from it. The smooth and elegant design provides protection from pinching, making it an ideal partner for production workers, and is certified according to the ISO 10218-1 safety standard.

Andy Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager at FANUC UK, comments: “Excitement has been building over the CRX-10iA ever since it was showcased at the end of last year. Bringing our lightweight collaborative robot to market, at a time when manufacturers are looking at their production lines and trying to figure out how to adhere to social distancing without impacting productivity, is critical.

“As with all cobots safety is key, but we’ve also made installation and set up as straightforward as possible. An intuitive touchscreen panel allows programming to be done through a ‘drag and drop’ function, which means that those new to automation can create work programs quickly and easily. It is even possible to teach the cobot the desired motion sequence though manually guiding it to the appropriate points, which we hope will help to make process as painless as possible for those new to the technology. For those new to collaborative technology, we’ve created a free downloadable eBook on successful cobot implementation”.

Crucially, the CRX-10iA benefits from regular software updates and the ability to add various application updates such as grippers, sensors, or camera, to ensure the cobot can adapt to the unique conditions of a production line. This is underpinned by a long service life, with FANUC expecting all mechanical components to operate maintenance-free for the first eight years of use provided the CRX-10iA is used correctly.

Andy concludes: “UK manufacturing is at a critical juncture, and it is only by introducing automation in processes that we can boost productivity to an internationally competitive level. The CRX-10iA represents an extension of our broad portfolio of industrial robots and automation solutions, ensuring that there is an option for anyone looking to increase the productivity of their business.”

Available for viewing at FANUC UK’s headquarters in Coventry, the CRX-10iA will be on show at its upcoming technology day to allow manufacturers the opportunity to see how collaborative robots can help their business.