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FANUC extends handling robot range

19 August 2020

FANUC has expanded its range of handling robots with the introduction of the M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L models.

The two new robots are the handling versions of their Arc Mate counterparts, characteristically exhibiting high performance in a compact design. Both benefit from fully integrated cable management, which helps to minimise maintenance and eliminate external interference.
Andy Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager at FANUC UK, comments: “Expanding our range of handling robots ensures there is an automation solution for every application. Floor space is a precious commodity in production facilities, which makes it crucial that robots are designed to maximise performance with a minimal footprint. The M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L were designed with this in mind, and encasing the cables within the hollow arm and wrist further streamlines the solution.”
The M-10iD/8L is capable of lifting an 8kg payload, and can use its long arm to cover a wide working area (a maximum reach of 2032mm). The larger M-20iD/12L model is able to lift 12kg payloads, and its slim lightweight design enables greater throughput.
Both robots are also equipped with FANUC’s Zero Down Time software, which predicts mechanical and process equipment status to improve maintenance scheduling. The result is a pair of compact handling solutions that instils manufacturers with confidence that their production line is operating at maximum productivity.
Andy concludes: “FANUC is dedicated to providing automation solutions that combine performance, efficiency, and minimal downtime, in order to maximise productivity. The M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L handling robots incorporate the latest technological advancements to expand our already competitive handling portfolio.”
To view FANUC UK’s range of industrial robots, please visit: https://www.fanuc.eu/uk/en/