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element14 community launches warehouse automation challenge

23 May 2024

ELEMENT14, AN Avnet Community, has launched the 'Shift It! – Warehouse Automation Challenge' which will allow 15 selected engineers and designers to build a project that would help in automating a warehouse.

Selected participants will receive a bundle of TE Connectors and Arduino Uno Robotics Shields to enable them to build their robotics movement projects. Challengers are tasked with using four or more of the TE Connectivity Products within their designs.

Members can design any project of their liking that would work to automate a warehouse, including schemes such as automatic inventory systems, automatic movement systems, warehouse worker safety systems, automated timesheet systems, and electronic stock taking systems.

“Automation has already changed the way tasks are performed in warehouses and factories, and it will only continue to do so,” said Andreea Teodorescu, global director of product marketing and element14 Community. “We’re excited to offer our Community members the opportunity to experiment with the process themselves and see the potential of robotics for large scale applications.”

Potential participants must apply by June 19. Once selected, challengers must post their progress and final project in at least five blog posts by August 28 in order to compete for prizes such as an Apple iPad Pro 11-Inch, iRobot Roomba Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Clearer and an iPad Mini 10.9 Inch. Anyone who completes their project and the five blog posts will receive the finisher prize, a MultiComp Pro Multimeter Set.

Good use of the TE connectivity components and interesting uses of movement, in addition to blog posts containing photos, videos and code samples will be viewed more favorably in the judging process.

Applications close on 19 June and selected challengers will have until 28 August to complete their projects and blog posts. Winners will be announced in September 2024.

To learn more about the Shift It! – Warehouse Automation Challenge and enter the competition, please visit: