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Live remote factory acceptance testing

12 October 2020

GLOBAL MOTOR and drive manufacturer, WEG has developed a new testing procedure that allows customers to witness the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) process without travelling to a WEG manufacturing plant. Used in Portugal since March 2020, the remote testing system helps to keep projects on schedule despite social distancing regulations limiting factory visits.

The factory acceptance test is an inspection and testing process that confirms whether a product is complete and operating in accordance with agreed design specifications. Once the Factory Acceptance Test has been passed, the product or equipment can be installed on site. The Factory Acceptance Test is performed at the manufacturing plant, and historically the customer or its representatives had to be present to conduct or witness the test.

In March 2020, WEG factories in Portugal introduced a new remote testing system. Customers connected to the factory site though a video call and watched the testing without travelling to the manufacturing plant, saving time, money and resources by eliminating travel costs.

The live remote tests follow the same exact procedure as the traditional factory acceptance tests. Customers can see the product working, and WEG’s expert testers are there to answer questions and provide support throughout the inspection.

More than just a video call, the testing system takes advantage of multiple cameras and a dedicated IT system to allow customers to get closer to the product and simultaneously view a variety of testing aspects.

Live remote factory acceptance testing also removes the limit on how many customer representatives can attend the testing, meaning more people can participate remotely.

“The live remote testing system further improves the existing transparency and reliability of the manufacturing and testing process, thanks to this potential increase in customer representative numbers coupled with multiple camera views of the testing,” commented Rui Moura Guedes, quality engineering and IT manager at WEG Portugal.

Though some customers will choose to return to the factory for factory acceptance testing once social distancing regulations and travel restrictions are lifted, in the meantime, live remote testing offers a viable alternative in order to maintain compliance with testing requirements and keep projects on schedule.