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Meeting the demands of AGVs/AMRs

17 January 2022

NEW FROM Oriental Motor, the BLV-R Series of low voltage input power DC motors is based on the company's BLV series and features enhancements specifically designed to make them a cost-effective solution in AGVs and AMRs.

The BLV-R series has been designed with enhanced speed capabilities and a proprietary communication system. Additionally, the compact form factor is suited to use in the limited internal space, typically available in AGVs. The low voltage input power DC motor drivers measure just 75 x 65 x 29mm, and have a mass of just 120g.

The motors are equally compact; for example, a 100W motor with a 30:1 gearbox measures 108.4mm in length and weighs just 2.4kg.

The usable voltage range has been extended and is now 15VDC to 55VDC, with a speed control range of 1:4000rpm. This wide input range is particularly beneficial for AGV operation, handling voltage changes which AGVs can find difficult to manage. For example, it compensates for voltage drops within the battery of an AGV, allowing it to continue operation. It also ensures that, in other circumstances, the AGV maintains normal operation if back regenerative energy causes the battery voltage to increase temporarily.

Improved higher resolution, positional Hall sensors within the motors enhance motor feedback, improve stopping accuracy and lower speed operation. Improved torque control within the drivers results in stable speeds which can be easily maintained. The BLV-R Series also has accurate torque control all the way down to 1rpm. Typically, these levels of performance are very difficult for brushless DC motors to achieve, but are essential requirements in AGVs because this allows them to make move and make very accurate turns smoothly.

Another new feature is an ATL function. This mode allows the motors to deliver up to 300% of the rated torque continuously unless the driver’s thermal alarm is triggered. This is particularly suitable for use in motors used in AGVs which often required to deliver loads up slopes and ramps in the warehouse.
The proprietary ID Share Mode is another enhancement. Developed by Oriental Motor, this allows commands to be sent to multiple motors simultaneously. This ensures AGV movement accuracy and contributes to the smooth operation within confined areas.

The 24/48 VDC input drivers and all new W (1/8 HP) and 200 W (1/4 HP) brushless DC motors are energy-efficient to extends an AGV battery’s operating lifetime. The compact drivers support Modbus or CANopen communications. In addition, the BLV-R series is approved to UL and CE certifications.