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Motor driver design enhanced

06 March 2023

BASED ON Oriental Motor’s BLV series, the LV-R series of BLDC motors and drivers offers improved positional feedback, DC voltage range, STO (safe torque off) ability, speed range and speed stability. It is also engineered to be smaller and to have lower power consumption.

The BLV-R series is specifically designed towards the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) market and other new and emerging applications. Gearhead options are a parallel shaft or hollow shaft and gear ratios range between 5:1 to 200:1 to deliver a wide range of output speed and torque options.

Operation speed can be as low as 1r/min. Output power for the BLV-R series is 60W, 100W or 200-400W, depending on the variant and torque from 0.43 to 108Nm, depending on the motor and gearhead combination.

The usable voltage range is 15VDC to 55VDC, and speed control range is 1:4000rpm, enabling a range of voltage changes. The wide input compensates for any voltage drops within the battery of, for example, an AGV, allowing it to continue operation without intervention. In the event of temporary battery voltage increases, for example from regenerated energy, normal operation is maintained.

An integrated encoder provides improved positional feedback. Positional resolution is set at 0.01⁰ but is fully adjustable in the driver parameters for higher resolution, high speed and high accuracy performance. The increased control can be used to perform tight turns and accurate manoeuvring.

Improved torque control down to 1rpm increases movement accuracy. Feedback also means the motor can be used in tensioning applications where the driver will continuously maintain a set torque and not aim to maintain a speed.

An ATL function introduced to the BLV-R series allows the motors to deliver up to 300% of their rated torque continuously (only limited by the thermal alarm cut-off). This allows equipment to negotiate slopes and ramps using more torque as and when needed.

A proprietary ID Share Mode, developed by Oriental Motor, allows commands to be sent to multiple motors simultaneously for accurate movement and smooth operation even in confined areas.

The BLV-R series is approved to UL and CE certifications and available now from Oriental Motor (UK).

The 24/48 VDC input drivers and all new 100W (1/8 HP) and 200 W (1/4 HP) brushless DC motors are energy-efficient to extends battery life. Communication is via Modbus (RTU) and CANopen.

The compact BLDCs are available in frame sizes ranging from 60 to 110mm while the drivers are among the smallest models available in the market today. The low voltage input power DC motor drivers measure 75mm x 65mm x 29mm, and have a mass of only 120g. The motors are also compact: a 100W motor with a 30:1 gearbox measures just 108.4mm long and weighs only 2.4kg. The result is a fast and manoeuvrable motor, ideal for applications which require precision, speed and accuracy in factory automation and AVGs.