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IP66 rated BLDC motors

26 January 2023

A PARTICULAR advantage of brushless DC (BLDC) technology is the compact size of the motors, typically being around half the size and weight of a comparable induction motor solution. Coupled with a larger speed range and higher speed stability tolerances, this makes BLDC motors suitable for a wide range of applications.

Oriental Motor offers a wide range of brushless DC (BLDC) motor technologies that include the BLE2 series. Motors in the BLE2 series are rated to IP66 and available in  a range of power options from 30 to 300W. Additionally these units have a speed range of between 80 to 4000 RPM, meaning one motor gearhead combination can be used for a variety of applications resulting in fewer parts being needed to be held for spares.

The motors are also equipped with alarm and torque monitoring functions for safe operation and control. The design also includes a torque control function for winding applications, which acts in a similar way to an electronic clutch. Electromechanical brake options are also available.

The speed or torque can be adjusted via an analogue output and/or the user can set 16 programmable speeds, depending on the required motion profile requirements.

Snap-on, easy to use, IP-rated motor connectors ensure quick and secure wiring where the user can select lengths of cable, from 1 to 20m so that an appropriate length can be specified. 

The motors use an EURONORM X 10 CrNiS18 9 stainless steel shaft and there is a varied selection of gear types, including spur gear, hollow shaft gear and foot mounted options.

The BLE2 motor and driver can be programmed using the free-of-charge software MEXE02 suite (downloadable via Oriental Motor’s website). Set-up can be via a PC using the software or via a PLC. The software can be used for troubleshooting and to make maintenance, fault finding and setup easier.