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Performance features for AGV use

26 October 2022

THE LOW-voltage BLDC motors and drivers in the BLV-R series from Oriental Motors have been designed for the rapidly growing market automated guidance vehicle (AGV) market.

AGVs increase automation in the warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centres, handling anything from raw materials to finished products as part of an automated transport system.

The BLV-R series of compact drivers builds on the established BLV series, with significant technological innovations that, says the company, mean they are ideal for AGVs.

The drivers have dimensions of just 75 x 65 x 29mm and a mass of just 120g; accompanying motors are also compact – a 100W motor with a 30:1 gearbox, for example is only 108.4mm in length and weighs just 2.4kg.

Enhancements have been made to the driver’s torque control and to the positional sensors use in the motors in order for the BLV-R series to maintain speed and torque control with reliable accuracy, right down to 1 RPM in order for the AGV to move smoothly and make accurate turns.

Oriental Motor’s proprietary communication system – ID Share Mode – allows for commands to be sent to multiple motors simultaneously to further increase accuracy of AGV movement.

A new function for the BLV-R series is ATL which delivers up to 300% of rated torque continuously, unless the thermal alarm is triggered. As a result, the BLV-R is ideal for driving the AGV up warehouse slopes or ramps to deliver or collect products. The speed control range is 1:4000 RPM.

The wide input voltage range of 15 - 55VDC can accommodate voltage drops within the AGV’s battery and also maintain operation if the battery voltage increases temporarily.