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Stepper motors with integrated encoder

16 December 2022

AS PART of its continuing drive to improve customers’ productivity and reduce costs, ORIENTAL MOTOR has developed a mechanical encoder for use with the AlphaStep AZ Series of stepper motors.

The encoder provides absolute-type positioning without requiring battery back-up and eliminates the requirement for external sensors, reducing the total bill of materials.

The compact encoder can be used in space-limited installations. It uses a mechanical sensor, composed of multiple gears, which detects positioning information as it registers the angle of the gears. 

It is also able to deliver absolute position detection via with ±900 rotations (1800 rotations) of the motor shaft from the home position.

Renowned for high efficiency and low vibration operation, the AlphaStep AZ Series incorporates Oriental’s Mechanical Absolute Encoder.

The AZ Series’ closed loop performance does not require hunting or gain tuning. It is available with a built-in controller or pulse input driver which uses high-efficiency technology to substantially reduce heat generation from the motor.

The AZ series motor can be used with AC or DC inputs and is available with a wide range of gear types for inertia matching or higher torque specifications, according to the application.

For ease of use, the home position can be set by pressing a switch on the driver’s surface; this data is saved by the Mechanical Absolute Encoder.
The AlphaStep AZ Series Mechanical Absolute Encoder is part of Oriental Motor’s Stepper Motor + Driver, Linear Actuator and Rotary Actuator packages allowing for absolute, battery free, advanced performance across a wide range of applications.

All AlphaStep AZ Series products are available in EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, pulse input, built-in controller (network) types in AC or DC input. A DC input multi-axis controller / driver is also available to connect up to four axes with one unit.