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No cable technology linear transport system

14 March 2022

AT THE forthcoming Drives and Controls exhibition, Beckhoff UK will be showcasing its new XTS with no cable technology (NCT) linear transport system, alongside a selection of its other automation technologies

The XTS with NCT is a newly announced innovation from Beckhoff. Although it is not for sale yet, this is the first time the machine will be shown in the UK following its launch in November 2021. The XTS with NCT goes beyond what the standard XTS offers, with each mover fitted with a motor module that allows cable-free continuous power supply and synchronous real-time data transmission to the XTS movers. This machine can also achieve microsecond synchronisation accuracy.

“Even though the latest iteration of the XTS is not yet available, it presents many opportunities for machine builders that are worth thinking on,” explained Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff UK. “For example, the XTS with NCT has the capability for on-the-fly measurement due to the embedded electronics on the movers. This technologymakes it possible for the weight of products to be measured, which is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry with its need for controlled filling processes. The XTS with NCT technology also has the ability to do functional testing of products, which can be used to measure electronic components."

“The XTS with NCT can also function as a multi-robot system, with all the movers being able to become a moving handling system. This lets the movers pick up, deposit, transfer, stack and align products. An example of how this can benefit businesses is that it means the movers can adapt to different products sizes, meaning that the one system is flexible to all needs.”

The stand will also be showcasing the XPlanar system, which combines conventional transport technology with magnetic levitation. The XPlanar runs with the corresponding TwinCAT software, which prevents the movers from colliding into each other and allows easy integration with other control processes. The TwinCAT software will also be on show at the exhibition, as well as the TwinSAFE extension. Stand E60