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New RARUK partnerships take AMRs to next level

02 October 2020

RARUK Automation is formalising three partnerships with world-leading providers of ancillary systems for the latest generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). As a result, the company can now offer the entire range of material handling products from ROEQ, along with the Iconsys iAM-R robot arm solution and the UV-C facility disinfectant system from Enabled Robotics.

A new generation of AMRs is changing the way that premises such as factories, warehouses, healthcare facilities and offices move materials around. To help facilitate this trend, RARUK Automation offers the market-leading MiR fleet of flexible and easy-to-program mobile industrial robots.

Any business looking to automate its internal logistics will benefit from MiR, and now there are added advantages on offer with the latest technology partnerships formalised by RARUK Automation.

Denmark-based ROEQ, short for Robotic Equipment, was formed in 2017 specifically to develop equipment for MiR autonomous mobile robots. Designing and manufacturing products that include carts, lifters, conveyors, racks and docking stations, RARUK Automation can supply the entire ROEQ portfolio.

After working together for some time, the two companies have decided to publicly announce a formal partnership in line with increasing demand for these innovative solutions. Interested parties can visit RARUK Automation’s in-house demonstration facility in Bedfordshire to see a number of ROEQ products in action. Demonstrations can also be provided at customer sites or indeed, visitors to Intralogistex 2020 (1-2nd October) will see a MiR250 AMR operating with a ROEQ S-300 Cart.

For those looking to add a robotic arm to their autonomous mobile robot, the iAM-R from Telford-based Iconsys, provides the perfect solution. The iAM-R, which is the flagship Iconsys product, is unlike any other autonomous mobile robot. This intelligent solution comes with a modular interface that is individually built to serve specific workplace requirements, ensuring the robot becomes one of the in-house team. Put simply, by adopting iAM-R, internal logistics and production flows become optimised via the use of an automatic, mobile material gripper.

Like ROEQ, Iconsys has an established partnership with MiR, ensuring its products are designed specifically to maximise performance. Each iAM-R can be customised to provide a very adaptive solution for manufacturing and logistical processes. The six-axis robot arms come in three different sizes capable of carrying up to 10 kg in weight. These easy-to-program collaborative robots (cobots) can be combined with a choice of grippers, tool changers and integrated vision systems.

Another new option for users of MiR solutions from RARUK Automation is the UV-C from Denmark-based Enabled Robotics. UV-C is designed specifically to disinfect facilities and premises, a particularly pertinent task in the wake of COVID-19.

Enabled Robotics has devised a system that uses mobile cobots equipped with ultraviolet (UV) light sources or disinfectant sprayers. These MiR-mounted cobots can autonomously navigate a healthcare facility, for example, and then complete the disinfection of hospital rooms or surgical theatres without any human interaction.

UV light is dangerous for humans, as are bacteria and viruses, so this type of solution is proving popular. The cobot positions the UVC light bar to disinfect individual surfaces and objects, ensuring the light reaches areas not accessible with fixed UVC light bars.

All of these solutions offer a genuine opportunity for any business looking to automate its processes. The latest generation MiR solutions available from RARUK Automation, in combination with ancillaries from the company’s newly announced technology partners, ensure the pathway to optimised internal logistics has never been so accessible.