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OffWorld Europe to develop space mining robots

09 March 2023

PIONEER IN AI-powered industrial swarm robotic mining systems, OffWorld is expanding to take on space. The newly established OffWorld Europe is being run by managing director, Kyle Acierno, former CEO of ispace US and international expert in commercial space and specialist in lunar exploration.

OffWorld Europe will begin its first program on a multi-year program that focuses on developing and deploying modules for the extraction and storage of oxygen and hydrogen from volatiles and water deposits at the lunar surface. This will include mating modules to OffWorld’s robotic technologies for cohesive lunar deployment.

Acierno has led teams in Asia, Europe, and the United States, winning over $100M in lunar-related contracts. He sits on the board of World Space Week, the IAF Industry Relations Committee, and has served as the Chair of the Technical Committee of the Hague Space Resources Working Group. At initiation, OffWorld Europe will expand research into state-of-the-art lunar regolith processing and begin the design and development of the robotic workforce necessary to accomplish a variety of volatile recovery tasks. The initial lunar focus will be on meeting projected near-term market needs of liquid propellants, water, and oxygen.

Jim Keravala, OffWorld chief executive officer and co-founder, said: “I’m proud to welcome Kyle as the managing director at our newly established OffWorld Europe division to lead and build an incredible team of experts. He is very well-seasoned in the space sector, and I am certain his talent and expertise will propel our mission of advancing the boundaries of space exploration forward. We have been proving our AI and robotic systems with the mining industry on Earth and our goal has always been to eventually expand our services to other celestial bodies, so OffWorld Europe has really been years in the making and I am thrilled to finally open our doors.”

Commenting on his appointment, Acierno said: "I am honored to take on the role of Managing Director of OffWorld Europe and to work alongside an incredible team of experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of exploration on Earth and in Space. Our focus on the extraction and processing of lunar volatiles combined with our cutting-edge autonomous robotic technologies will pave the way for a sustainable future for humanity beyond Earth."

The company’s new line of autonomous robot species is built for surveying environments (on any surface and deep underground), performing precision excavation, and collecting, hauling, and processing material.