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Online marketplace for low cost automation

04 January 2023

NOW INCLUDING new functions and automation feasibility demonstrations, igus has relaunched its RBTX online marketplace, which helps users looking for cost-effective automation solutions.

Instead of having to search across many different sources, machine builders and buyers will find a wide range of low-cost robotics components from a range different manufacturers on RBTX, always with price and compatibility guarantees. Making it even easier to select the right parts or entire finished systems, igus has now relaunched the RBTX site in a new design, with new functions, and a new “Test before Invest” service.

RBTX.com has been designed to bundle all the possibilities of low-cost robotics on one platform, making automation as accessible as possible. The fast-growing online platform brings users and suppliers of low-cost robotics together quickly and easily; buyers can find the exact individual components or complete solutions to meet their requirements and budget.

"Seventy six partners have now come together on our RBTX marketplace,” says Adam Sanjurgo, low-cost automation product manager at igus UK. “RBTX is available in nine countries and engineers currently have 259 different products to choose from – from robots to software, controllers and power electronics to cameras, grippers, sensors and motors.” 

All the components are combined and tested in advance so that igus can ensure they work 100% in sub-assemblies. “The plan is to continuously expand our online marketplace with additional partners and products so that users have instant access to an up-to-date and diverse offer in this fast-growing market segment,” says Sanjurgo.

Faster goals

An important corporate goal of igus is to “become the easiest company to deal with” in its markets, which also applies to the user-friendliness of online tools and platforms such as RBTX.

"We analysed our website and gathered feedback from our customers to find out how we could further optimise the online marketplace and user experience,” says Sanjurgo. “With the new design, we want to create even more character and clarity, and enable it to be used more intuitively. The user can now find a suitable robotics solution as quickly and easily as possible."

In addition, customers will find over 100 ready-made, low-cost complete solutions and applications, with compatibility guarantees and full parts lists on the platform. For example, there are several adhesive robotic applications from £6000. The new website design includes an even easier filter function based on the application or industry you are working in. And there are now other product categories such as software, making it easy to find GCODE or CSV files as well as complete LabVIEW, MATLAB and ROS node interfaces.

Best advice at every step

If a user does not know exactly which automation solution is the right one or which components are required for their specific automation concept, they can ask the RBTXpert for help. The expert tool is now available to users at every step on the website and can also be booked directly for a consultation. Behind the tool are experienced automation experts from igus, who can advise buyers to find the right solution for every application. This service is a free video consultation, where interested parties receive an individual fixed price quotation at the end. In a 400m2 customer testing area, experts conduct daily live video consultations and test the feasibility of the planned automation together with the customer.  

With 'Test before Invest', customers can conveniently send in their automation tasks to igus. The robotics specialists then test the robot installation free of charge, simulating the customer’s application. "This service is being used more and more,” says Matthew Aldridge, managing director at igus in Northampton. “The RBTX team are currently demonstrating 10 customer tests each week. Customers then receive a video on the handling test with a fixed-price quotation for their required components.

"We have invested in a Customer Test Area in our Northampton HQ and can also link seamlessly with the RBTX team in Cologne, Germany. We support interested parties with ideas and all our knowledge, so that everyone can easily find the right robotics solution without being swamped with information overload or prohibitive costs."