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Powerful & compact general purpose robot

22 February 2021

FANUC HAS expanded its range of general-purpose industrial robots with the introduction of the highly compact M-10iD/16S.

Building on the capabilities of its predecessors, it combines a slim profile and low footprint with an impressive payload capacity of 16kg. This represents a significant improvement on previous models, and offers great operational versatility for compact spaces in production lines, including top mount applications.

Andy Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at FANUC UK, comments: "Factory floorspace is something that is always at a premium, which is why our R&D process is constantly striving to deliver high performance from a small footprint. The M-10iD/16S represents the best in class performance for use in compact robotic cells, especially when complex tooling or handling of heavy workpieces is required."

The M-10iD/16S benefits from a fully integrated hose pack and cable management design, allowing the cables to be led through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist and body. This facilitates easy and reliable routing of sensor or camera cables, air pipes and any other user utilities, eliminating external cables that could otherwise interfere with peripheral equipment.

Armstrong continues: "Incorporating this type of cable management design into the M-10iD/16S helps to simplify the integration process, which combined with an optimised cable lifespan, contributes to easy maintenance and lower lifecycle costs. This forms part of our wider commitment to making it as simple as possible to introduce automation and robots into industrial processes."

Usability is another key element of the M-10iD/16S’s design. It can be controlled with the intuitive R-30iB Plus controller, and supports various intelligent functions such as the built-in proprietary FANUC iRVision system. It can also be used in conjunction with FANUC’s ROBOGUIDE simulation tool, in order to improve the cell design and enhance engineering processes.

Armstrong concludes: "The M-10iD/16S combines performance and usability, in a compact package that makes it perfect for operating in small spaces within a production line. Its comparatively high payload and reach of 1103mm means that the M-10iD/16S is an important addition to our industrial robotics range."

For more information, please visit: https://www.fanuc.eu/uk/en