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Perfect pairing to accelerate time to market for panel builders

31 October 2023

ROCKWELL AUTOMATION'S acquisition of CUBIC, a Danish company that specialises in modular systems for the construction of electrical panels, has generated considerable excitement within the panel-building sector, but why has the partnership received such a warm welcome?

According to Victoria Alia, global business director, LVMCC, Rockwell Automation, the first factor is that CUBIC is viewed as the best of the best.

“Their modular structure is incredibly valuable for us and allows us to develop innovative solutions that our customers have been longing for,” she says. “They also have an unparalleled partner model that will allow us to successfully enter markets like Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Finally, it is about the culture. CUBIC has such a strong culture and is similar to Rockwell Automation.”

The acquisition strengthens Rockwell Automation’s portfolio of IEC Motor Control Centers. The CUBIC flexible modular concept, coupled with Rockwell Automation’s intelligent devices, provides faster time to market in terms of new solutions. It provides a framework for Rockwell Automation’s next-generation IEC Motor Control Center, enabling it to be more competitive in the market space.

Moving forward, Alia points out that the technical expertise that CUBIC brings, in terms of structural design and the IEC standards, and Rockwell Automation’s power components and expertise, is a winning combination. “It is exciting to be at the forefront of this partnership that offers enhanced expertise and knowledge for our customers,” she adds. “When I talk about the structural design and the IEC standards, our customers can expect faster time to market in terms of new competitive designs in the IEC Motor Control Center Space.”

Jesper Fristrup, director at CUBIC, agrees about the benefits of the joint offering.

“First of all, we have been able to grow our existing business,” he said. “Secondly, we have been able to grow together with Rockwell, a second side of our business that was very low. Then, the cultural alignment between the two companies is second to none. We have never met a company that is so much like ours. It is a collaboration that will enable us to secure new business segments, new businesses from all perspectives, and grow our two companies together.”

To find out more watch the full video in which Jesper Fristrup of CUBIC explains the benefits of this new opportunity: www.rockwellautomation.com/en-gb/company/news/presentations/rokstudios.html#A_Faster_Time_to_Market_with_the_Modular_Approach_from_CUBIC