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Control Without Speed Reduction

01 November 2012

According to Fairford Electronics, the pace of innovation within industrial automation is the fastest the market has experienced since the invention of AC induction motor over 120 years ago.

This innovation is being partly driven by legislation, but more crucially, it is being driven by the need to find ever more energy efficient solutions, such as IE3, IE4 motor technologies and beyond.

The industry has been focusing on those applications where variable speed drives can be used to reduce motor speed and save energy. However, there are many applications where speed cannot be reduced, and in these fixed speed applications Fairford Electronics motor controls and soft starts can be used to save energy and create cost effective solutions.

Since Fairford developed and patented the first digital energy saving motor controller in 1982, the company has never stopped innovating in the field of fixed speed motor control. Later this year the company will be launching a new range of energy saving motor controls that will combine energy efficient motor control with the features of a variable speed drive, but with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).