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Smart condition monitoring

16 October 2019

The latest condition-based monitoring solutions offer a predictive approach to production and process plant maintenance, helping ensure asset performance is optimised, whilst keeping downtime to a minimum and providing live visibility of machine status. This encompasses primary assets and wear components such as motors, fans, pumps and gearboxes.

Mitsubishi Electric now offers this capability through an integrated package solution that collects live data from advanced measurement sensors, analyses it and then provides updates and warnings to anything from a smart phone or single HMI to multiple levels of management systems.

Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) combines smart sensor intelligence with online monitoring and control. A teach function allows the SCM sensor to learn how the machine behaves in its normal operating state and creates a memory map of the vibration readings (all machines vibrate to one degree or another). Using sophisticated analysis techniques, the sensor can detect abnormal operation. Further advanced methods of vibration analysis are also possible using software tools.

The ability to link multiple SCM sensors back to a single controller provides a better understanding of the area to be monitored. This information can be networked to the controller and on to higher level systems in many ways, including wired and wireless connectivity. While the advanced networking capabilities will be welcome to many plant integration specialists, the fact that the system can work as a virtually stand-alone system and send the critical information to an iPad or phone will be equally well received by others.

For more information visit: gb3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/solutions/capabilities/scm