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Smart edge computing

16 October 2023

WITH THE PLCnext Technology open ecosystem and the EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 edge devices from Phoenix Contact, users benefit from full flexibility when it comes to local data evaluation in greenfield and brownfield plants.

The ability to address sensors and their data directly via IEC 61131 enables targeted and fast optimisation, even for large data volumes, through smart analysis with the optional AI extension MLnext Execution. Creating applications proves to be easy regardless of their size and the number of devices. For applications with open source support, multiple apps such as Node-RED, databases, or a locally output visualisation can be easily containerised for installation on other devices or made available on the PLCnext Store digital software marketplace.

These can be customised solutions such as the Data Collection Box or the Secure Edge Box from Phoenix Contact. The Data Collection Box is equipped with energy and current measurement via a Rogowski coil, so that data can be reliably tapped and an old system can be optimised for the future. The Secure Edge Box collects, stores, and analyses the data. In addition, the box allows secure network segmentation via VPN as well as easy cloud connectivity.

Edge computing does not replace cloud computing, it complements it. Edge devices from Phoenix Contact are certified devices for Proficloud.io, Cumulocity IoT, AWS cloud, and Microsoft Azure cloud.