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Transferable clean-air systems

12 March 2021

DRAWING ON its systems design expertise, Thorite has recently designed, built, and delivered the very latest in transferable, clean-air systems.

In this case, Thorite’s customer required a comprehensive compressed air system that could be easily moved to key locations within a large factory complex, so Thorite’s systems project engineers designed a box-section chassis measuring 2 x 1.1 metres, where a master control panel was mounted, alongside a 4KW Hydrovane compressor, a Parker CDAS dryer, pre-filter, high-efficiency oil removal filter and an oil/water separator. The chassis features tread-plate flooring and easily removable, protective mesh safety guarding.  Transported on four pneumatic castors, the whole system can be easily manoeuvred by a single person.

Thorite’s customer will use the system on-site, to leak-test and purge equipment after maintenance is carried out. The requirement was for a portable unit to move to the exact point where maintenance takes place, as the equipment serviced cannot be moved to a clean dry air supply.

However, Mike Perry, Thorite Systems Manager sees a growing market for this type of application: “We’re capable of manufacturing any type of bespoke, transferable air or fluid system that a customer needs.  Our in-house technical expertise and our ability to tap into the huge range of technology from our OEM suppliers allows us to do this. While on this occasion, the customer wanted everything mounted on a specifically sized platform, we can build any size or product configuration exactly to any specific customer specification.”