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Universal Robots launches SME Automation Month for October

01 October 2020

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS is dedicating October to helping small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) take advantage of collaborative robots (cobots) to get their businesses back on track, with new resources, leasing options and expert consultations made available to help users bounce back from the challenges of Covid-19.

Following a challenging period for the industry, greater adoption of automation is critical in enabling UK and Irish producers to support jobs by ensuring they are competitive, efficient and flexible enough to thrive. Yet many SMEs still feel ill-equipped to start their journey with automation. UR has there created a range of specialist resources, leasing options and practical examples of how to successfully make the automation leap.

These include:

  • Free Automation Assessments – connect with experts who can analyse existing operations and detail where cobots can optimise production, increasing efficiency, output and profits.
  • New Leasing Terms-- UR cobots are affordable, starting at just £300 per month. Futhermore, with a ‘buy now, start paying 2021’ leasing programme, SMEs can improve their bottom line now and offset future costs against immediate savings and efficiencies.
  • Easy training – get trained in cobot programming within 2-4 days. UR cobots use a user-friendly interface, and can be easily redeployed anywhere in the production line
  • Quick, painless setup – cobots can be set up within 30 minutes, meaning that SMEs can benefit from increased productivity and profits almost immediately

Interested parties can download the supporting ebook today.

SMEs will also be able to join an expert webinar on Wednesday October 7th at 11:00am (BST), designed specifically to tackle the pain points faced by smaller businesses when adopting automation. This will be a unique opportunity to speak directly to the experts, watch online demos and learn more about flexible leasing options. Sign up here.

Mark Gray, Country Manager UK&I said, “During these uncertain times, SMEs are understandably reluctant to invest in new technologies, but with cobots, smaller businesses can see the benefits almost immediately.

We’ve seen customers such as Bloom in a Box use cobots to adapt quickly to COVID, and switch their production line from packing flowers to manufacturing PPE. Whether a busines wants to improve existing operations or quickly adapt to a new market opportunity, it really is that simple for businesses to be flexible and stay profitable with cobots in place.”