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VFD designed with environmental awareness in mind

14 March 2022

WITH THE flexibility and functionality to support the broadest range of applications on all types of mechanical equipment, the FRENIC-MEGA-G2 from Fuji Electric is reported to take core capabilities, responsiveness, environmental awareness, and easy maintenance to the next level.

New features of the G2 Series include: Orientation function – rotor positioning, enabling machinery to be “held” in place via servo locking; PID auto tune – shorter system set-up times with simplified adjustment of the proportion and integral gains; Load limiter – stopping when excessive torque is detected, improving system reliability; New operation multi-function keypad – improving diagnostic functions and simplifying programming. Added Bluetooth for remote access, SD card for traceback data, clock function (allowing time data to be logged with the alarm history), USB port for direct connection to a PC; Traceback and Alarm history – acquire and save waveform data immediately before an alarm occurs. Store information on the past four occurrences, such as output voltage and frequency at the time of an alarm.

Enhancements in the G2 Series include simple configuration of parameters including relays, timer etc, removing the need for a PLC in dedicated VFD control applications or small systems, along with enhanced communication and life expectancy diagnostics and maintenance functions to help prolong the life of the VFD.

Ensuring backward compatibility (allowing direct replacement of the previous FRENIC-MEGA-G1) the new G2 has the same physical characteristics as its predecessor G1. Parameters can also be read from the G1 (via a PC using Loader software) or keypad and directly ported to the G2 series.