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Taking gearbox solutions on the road

06 March 2023

APEX DYNAMICS is taking its innovative solution to tackling customers' motion control problems, The Gearbus, on the road around the UK this year. The servo gearbox technologies specialist noticed declining attendance at exhibitions and was concerned it wasn't reaching all potential customers.

Putting the dynamic into Apex Dynamics, The Gearbus was born out of an idea for a convenient demo facility that could go directly to customers, and it’s now out and about taking problem solving straight to them.

Solving motion control challenges in situ means solutions can be tailored to customers onsite without taking much time out of their day – they can hop aboard The Gearbus for just 10 minutes or for 30 minutes or more. Visits are pre-booked and planned to make sure customers get the best opportunity to identify the right motion control solutions for their needs.

The Gearbus is a 7.5-tonne box truck that has been refitted internally and externally, has a generator, and can also run off batteries for hours. It comes complete with eye-catching graphic wraps on the outside and a number of significant dynamic and static demos on board, including an impressive demonstration of precise synchronisation control using a fragile 0.5mm pencil lead and two counter-rotating discs each controlled by a servo set up. The Gearbus is also kitted out with a TV system for videos, a series of static displays and demo cases, seating for 6, a fridge, drinks and refreshments.

A recent week-long trip to the Republic of Ireland resulted in 9 visits to customers over 4 days, and 35 engineers who had never met Apex Dynamics at a traditional trade show were able to witness the company’s market-leading technology at work first-hand. Apex Dynamics now plans to go to 50 places over the coming months, visiting new and existing customers across the UK.

Launching The Gearbus, Mike Gulliford, managing director of Apex Dynamics UK said: “Part of what drove the Gearbus idea was that, at many companies, staff being allowed out to go to exhibitions has become more of a luxury, due to rising costs. This way, we come to them, and people just need to hop on board The Gearbus for 30 minutes!

"For customers it’s hugely convenient if they are interested in the tech and want to learn more without taking much time out of their day. The exhibition comes to you. You can see people’s reaction - how surprised they are when they go into the bus and see what’s there. They don’t expect the real product and dynamic demos to be on board. It may even change the way we go to exhibitions: one idea was that the bus itself goes to exhibitions and parks in the carpark and runs off its built-in generator.”

To book the Gearbus for a visit to your company, contact Andrew, UK sales manager.