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New 4th Generation PH Series Servo Planetary Gears are Largest in Class and offer Engineers even more benefits

04 May 2023

New 4th Generation PH Series Servo Planetary Gears are Largest in Class and offer Engineers even more benefits

The new 4th generation of the PH series servo planetary gear units from STOBER are the largest on the market in their performance class. 

As well as being extremely precise, this new XL range is not only highly energy-efficient, but also has same STOBER options of Motor Adaptor or Integrated Servo Motor versions. It is also able to transfer high torques as, unlike conventional gear units, the force is distributed across multiple gears. 

Direct Mounting for More Dynamic Drives

The Integrated combination has a directly mounted compact EZ series synchronous servo motor. Direct mounting brings the benefits of not requiring a separate adapter - saving space and making the mass moment of inertia lower and the drive system more dynamic. 

Also, with STOBER motor adapters, the engineer or designer can connect compatible third-party motors to the gear unit series. The adapters are available with different couplings, as well as offering the possibility of an integrated ServoStop brake. 

The extra-large motor plate in the XL version means that the user can mount larger motors. Additionally, the new PH gear units are also available with a Right-Angled input stage.

Smaller, Lighter and with Higher Torque

STOBER’s 4th generation PH gear units are also up to 100mm shorter than the previous version, which has a positive effect on their rigidity and mass of inertia. They are also lighter, require less installation space, and in some cases, offer around 20% more torque – as well as a 50% increase in tilting torques.

The combination of excellent housing and gearing quality increases the acceleration torque by up to 11%, and also increases the running accuracy and precision. In addition, there is a very high tilting stiffness. 

STOBER has also increased parameters such as power density and torsional stiffness and has widened/more generously dimensioned the planetary gears for certain gear ratios. 

State-of-the-art materials and hardening processes are also used for the planetary gears and sun pinions, as well as lifetime lubrication with synthetic gear oil. This makes the new 4th generation PH gear unit series extremely stable and robust, and virtually eliminates servicing and repairs.

With a ratio range of 12 to 600, the new PH gear units are particularly flexible in use, and as well as the standard PH version, STOBER also offers the Quattro design in its range. The PHQ series with a four-planet system is also extremely precise with its high-quality helical gearing and offers even greater torsional stiffness. The user also benefits from maximum torque. 

A Multitude of Combinations from the 4th Generation XL range

By request, STOBER will also combine the 4th generation range with rack and pinion drives of the ZTR and ZTRS series. This enables the user to benefit from high-performance geared motors, such as those used in feed axes of machine tools. 

STOBER has been one of the specialists manufacturing premier class gear units for almost 40 years and has optimised the design of the new generation XL range to make it an integral part of the company’s family of planetary gear units. 

What’s more, owing to their high efficiency, these new planetary gear units are in demand wherever size, precision, economy, and efficiency are critical to output and performance. 

For more information about the new 4th generation of the PH series servo planetary gear units contact STOBER on 01543 458858 or email sales@stober.co.uk