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Full Servo Motion Advantages At A Fraction Of The Cost

15 March 2013

Automation equipment specialist, Festo has launched a new compact electric cylinder (EPCO) and controller (CMMO), which form part of its optimised motion series positioning system.

This offers all the advantages of full servo motion, but at a fraction of the cost, enabling machine builders and end users to improve motion control and profit margins, as well as make significant cost savings on integration. Traditionally, electrically operated actuators in many automation applications provide excellent positioning. However, as they are driven by servo motors, they are typically only commercially viable for the most arduous demands on accuracy and load.

CMMO is a new compact controller specially designed for the new range of actuators, and is based on Festo’s popular servo light controller, but with improved performance, reduced size, cost and power consumption. It includes features such as safe torque off, integrated inputs for referencing and Ethernet diagnostics, to help users save time and money.

The EPCO cylinder combines the advantages of pneumatic drives with those of electric drives; it is as simple as a pneumatic cylinder, but with the precision and speed of an electric drive. The ball screw actuators come in three sizes (16, 25 and 40), a variety of pitches and stroke lengths, and can achieve speeds of up to 500mm/s.