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Fenner gearboxes – the byword for reliability

09 April 2024

FOR MORE than 160 years Fenner has been a byword for robustness and reliability. Fenner gearboxes are designed to meet rigorous demands offering reliability and efficiency.

With thousands of variants the Fenner M, C, F, K and W series gearboxes offer great versatility. Available in modular form, the range simplifies the process of assembling a customised gearbox or geared motor to meet the exact specifications needed with ease and precision. Other advantages of the range include:

Quick turnaround: Products are built to order from stock in 3-5 days, but same-day options are available for emergencies!

Versatility: All popular sizes are available, with output speeds ranging from 1 to 1000rpm

Ease of maintenance: The Dry-Fit motor adapter permits the removal of the motor without losing or contaminating the oil

Customisation: The range has modular accessories for quick interchangeability, including output shafts, flanges, torque arms, backstops and more.

Additionally, whatever your requirements, expert support is easy to access via a local ERIKS Service Centre or the Power Transmission Technical Team based in the UK.  

For more information visit https://eriks.co.uk/en/products/power-transmission/gears-motors-drives/