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Easy To Clean, Inside & Out

14 March 2013

Waiblingen-based Eisele Pneumatics markets its stainless steel connections under the name Inoxline.

Amongst the company’s portfolio, the premium threaded connections of the 3800 series provide joint- or gap-free connections in media circuits where only minimal residue can be tolerated in the pipe system. Their design allows safe and reliable internal cleaning of the lines by flushing before changing media.

Particularly useful for the food and pharmaceutical industries, the 3800 series is also suitable for internal sterilisation, with the joint- free design of the Inoxline 3800 meaning it is not necessary to disassemble systems for cleaning.

As no special preparation of the hoses is necessary, the 3800 series allows very fast installation. The combined plug/turn mounting enables connection or disconnection with only one turn of the tool. Accidental opening by hand is not possible, since the hose is securely fixed by a collet when the union nut is tightened.

The use of hose connections is especially beneficial in circuits with many moving parts, such as filling systems, since the hoses are much more flexible than pipes. Fast connecting and disconnecting is also a major advantage in comparison with pipes and offers more flexibility within the system. The connection is insensitive to vibrations, since it has no moving parts when in closed condition.