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Added value automation

30 April 2013

At the last TOTAL exhibition, R. A. Rodriguez introduced the Universal Robot, a lightweight and highly economical robotic arm that provides easy automation. This year the company will again feature this product, but also demonstrate how complementary technology can add intelligence and even greater scope of application.

The Universal Robot is an ideal entry level automation device that provides six axes of movement and is quick to install. It can be easily moved around the factory and the user interface is exceptionally simple to learn. Even in the hands of an operator with little or no programming experience the robot can be up and running in less than an hour.

As Universal Robots are in compliance with the ISO standard for collaborative robots, they can be operated without safety guarding, providing the application meets certain criteria. Two models complete the range, respectively able to handle payloads up to 5 and 10kg.

Both will feature on the R. A. Rodriguez stand, one demonstrating added value automation and the other providing the opportunity for visitors to try the robot out themselves. Stand D60