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Straight-forward integration

12 August 2014

Demonstrating compatibility and flexibility Kawasaki Robotics UK and TM Robotics (Toshiba Machine) join forces at this year's PPMA exhibition.  Respective leaders in the supply of six-axes and high-speed SCARA arm robots, Kawasaki and TM will illustrate the straight-forward integration and compatibility of their products into a single packaging system.

Kawasaki and TM have worked together for many years providing customers with optimum solutions for high speed handling, packaging and palletising.  Kawasaki Robotics is renowned for its extensive range of high reliability handling robots while Toshiba Machine's focus on SCARA Arms has earned a reputation for simplicity of operation and integration together with high efficiency.

A Toshiba Machine TH450A, SCARA configuration, will pick randomly placed poker chips from a moving conveyor and place them accurately onto a tray.  Picking the tray up and returning the chips randomly onto the conveyor will be a Kawasaki RS05N six axes robot.

The new TH450A SCARA will be fitted with a Fisher Smith RoboVis vision system, providing powerful but simple to use 360° location of randomly orientated pieces.  With the ability to identify product types, RoboVis can adopt the 'operator role' calling up robot programmes for specific products as required.

Both robots demonstrated have maximum payload capacities of 5Kg and are able to demonstrate high speed operation.  The Kawasaki RS05N has a maximum linear speed of 9.1m/s and the TH450A 7.33m/s while the TH450A is equipped with oversized servo motors to manage the continuous high-duty cycles typical of packaging operations. Stand D81