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Machine vision evaluation essentials – buy two get one free!

01 December 2014

STEMMER IMAGING has compiled a set of essential components for machine vision application evaluations. This features a choice of either Megapixel or 2 Megapixel lens kits with a MidOptic optical filter test kit and the Smart Vision Lights multicolour test light. As a special offer, anyone ordering a lens kit and filter kit at the same time will receive over 35% discount and the test light worth £160 absolutely free!

This is a comprehensive package that has been put together to assist vision integrators and end users to evaluate and improve image quality and to solve applications quickly. The Smart Color Box is an important tool for testing the different colours that work best on a vision application since materials respond to colour in different ways. This can be further refined using the MidOptic filters supplied. Once the appropriate lighting has been chosen, a complimentary filter can help in correcting specific problems and in controlling the variability of ambient lighting conditions.

The SmartColor Box from Smart Vision Lights features 6 high current LEDs powered by an Li-ion battery with integrated charger providing up to 2 hours of operation before recharging. A white light LED is supplemented by LEDs operating at wavelengths of 625 nm (red), 470 nm (blue), 530 nm (green), 395 nm (UV) and 850 nm (IR). Each LED is operated by a simple push button.

The MidOptic FK200-27 optical filter test kit features ten of the most popular UV, visible and infrared machine vision filters with a 27 mm threaded mount, step up and step down rings to fit M25.5 and M30.5 lenses and a linear polarizing film for light sources. The kit contains filters for near UV blue, cyan, light green, NIR/UV Block-Visible, orange, light red, dark red and infrared bandpasses delivered in a storage case with documentation.

Both lens evaluation kits also come in a storage case and users can choose between our standard and premium lens kit. The premium Ricoh BVS-5 lens set contains 8 compact manual-iris lenses with focal lengths ranging from 6 mm to 75 mm together with an extension ring set. With locking screws for iris and focus and high luminosity, these high performance 2 megapixel lenses are resistant to shock and vibration so can be used in challenging industrial environments. They produce sharp, high resolution, high contrast images and greatly reduce the distortion that causes problems in image measurement and recognition.