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Snapshot sensor

18 February 2016

Designed for assembly line builders who need to perform robot-mounted and fixed frame inline 3D scanning and inspection of stationary targets, the LMI Gocator 3109 3D Smart Snapshot Sensor is now offered by Stemmer Imaging.

3D point cloud data acquisition, 3D measurement tools, and control decision capabilities are combined in a single package for powerful assembly feature inspection.

Featuring a lightweight, ultra compact body, the Gocator 3109 measures just 49 x 100 x 155mm and weighs less than 1.5kg, said to give it the smallest footprint of any blue LED projection scanner on the market. The Gocator 3109 is easy to mount onto robotic arms, or fit single or multiple sensors into confined spaces (e.g. for measuring engine cylinders), and integrate or embed into machines and other factory devices.

The Gocator 3109 uses a blue LED structured light module and stereo scanning technology to generate high-resolution, full-field scans with fast scan cycles at up to 5Hz. The blue LED produces high-contrast patterns that deliver high-resolution scanning with excellent ambient light immunity, even in challenging conditions.

The wide Field Of View (86 x 67mm to 88 x 93mm) and flexible scanning capability provide measurement of multiple features such as fasteners, holes, slots, studs, and panel gap and flush with a single 3D snapshot. This lowers system costs, because users are able to inspect a large number of features in a shorter period of time and with a minimum number of scanners. Area scanning also removes the need to perfectly align the sensors before part features can be accurately detected.

The Gocator 3109 communicates directly with PLCs/robots, resulting in fewer hardware components and fewer configuration details for setup and maintenance. By eliminating the need for PCs and minimising the number of components required, system design is optimized and integration costs reduced. The sensor is factory pre-calibrated for ‘out-of-the-box’ use.