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Up to 15% more space

15 February 2016

High packing densities in enclosures and very short project times are two challenges faced by switch gear
 manufacturers. These can be addressed by an enclosure
 system that offers a great deal of space and freedom for 
interior installation.

The TS 8 modular enclosure system from Rittal a frame section with a uniform 25mm pitch pattern. Equipment can be installed very flexibly and “wasted space” due to the limitations of the mounting options is practically non-existent.

In addition to the frame section, two mounting levels are available that are used for installation. By using the external mounting level, up to 15% more space is available in the enclosure than with a single-level alternative.

The space between the bayed enclosures can also be effectively employed. A mounting plate infill can be inserted between two TS 8 bayed enclosures, creating a continuous mounting plate across both that can be freely populated. Or, the intermediate space can be optimally used for a cable duct. That allows more room for other components on the mounting plate which solves the problem of increasing packing densities in the enclosure.

Rapid installation pays off in two ways. Apart from the fact that a system can be completed more quickly, fewer staff are also needed, which therefore lowers costs.

Many systems require two people to install them (for example, to mount the side panel of the enclosure).  But with the TS 8, the side panel can first be suspended from the enclosure.  It then remains in position without having to be held by a second person before it is screwed tight. Other TS 8 assembly steps (for example, changing the door hinges from one side to the other) are follow the same principle meaning it can be installed by one individual.

Meanwhile, dispensing with tools will also speed up installation. For example, one feature of the TS 8 is the Flex-Block base, the panels of which can be simply clipped on. The entire base has been assembled in less than a minute during installation workshops at Rittal.