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Passes the glass making test

25 February 2016

Following extensive testing, leading glass container manufacturers are specifying the Rotork CMA electric actuator for a critical valve control function in the glass making process. The valves are used to control the temperature and pressure in the furnaces by regulating the air and gas mixture with extreme precision.

Maintaining a constant temperature and pressure is essential for energy efficient glass making. Traditionally, the industry uses various pneumatic and electric actuators for the modulating and isolating valves involved, but has recognised the need for a more reliable and energy efficient universal solution for this application.

Tests have demonstrated that the CMA out-performs existing equipment, providing improved precision, reliability and energy savings in a compact and easy to set product that is available in a range of sizes that suits all the various valve types encountered. In addition, the CMA’s versatile ability to interface with industry-standard 4-20mA or RIRO (Remote In Remote Out) control signals enables plants in different countries to standardise on the same product.

Furnace revamps, usually taking place after a period of ten years operation, provide the opportunity to introduce the upgrade, which typically involves up to forty valves on each furnace. Following the success of the tests, several hundred ATEX certified explosion proof CMQ250 and CMQ500 actuators have been installed during revamps around the world.